Retaining Wall Repair

There are a lot of different ways that we could go about repairing a retaining wall. It is really hard for us to pinpoint on this page what we are going to be able to do for you specifically because it really depends on what your situation is. Just as a general rule we like to tell people to call early as they are seeing certain problems develop. If the wall literally breaks down and is overrun by the soil we are most likely going to have to tear it down completely. We don’t want to get to that point of course.

Early Signs Of Damage

As we have said before if you want to give your retaining wall a fair shot to literally stay alive you are going to want to catch issues as they happen to be developing. The best way to do that is to literally observe your wall and note if you see any type of rotting, mold build, excessive moisture and obviously cracks and similar situations along the structure. These all tend to be signs that something is not exactly right. If you begin to spot these issues the best thing to do would be to give us a call right away.

Full Removal

This is usually not going to be a good option. Think about it, there is a reason why the wall was there in the first place. If it is being pushed back and you remove it you can be in for a lot of problems. Usually, we are going to want to reinforce the wall in some areas and find ways to actually contain the soil. Taking these drastic measures could be something that is going to come back to bite you sooner rather than later.

Adding Extra Support

As we just mentioned going in and just totally removing whatever retaining wall there was is not going to be one of the best options that are out there. So what are we suggesting? A lot of times we are going to need to find a way to add extra support or even remove a lot of the soil that we see is pushing onto the wall itself. Actually the first thing that we are going to want to do is remove a lot of this soil to ease some of the pressure that we know your wall is going to be under. From there we can add extra support on a temporary basis before we design a new wall.

Don’t Lose The Overall Design

It is not like retaining walls are always going to be dull and boring walls. Most of the time people put a lot of effort into the design. Just because the wall failed does not mean that we are going to have to put an ugly looking wall in its place. We can also help you build a wall that is going to fulfill its duties first and foremost. Yet also look the part!
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