Foundation Repair & House Leveling Houston Heights TX

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Your foundation is literally what is going to be keeping your house in the spot that you need it to be. Therefore it is not something that we would recommend that you leave to chance. A lot of folks that we have had the privilege to help told us that they really never thought that their foundation could be an issue. When homes are built we can’t say that the original builder did not want them to be there for basically to the end of time. There are factors though that can pile up and bring pretty nasty consequences. If you need any type of Foundation Repair & House Leveling Houston Heights TX we are here to help!

About Us

What would you be looking for in a foundation or a company that is going to be helping you with such a serious issue? We believe that the best thing that we can be as a company is serious and straightforward. We don’t want to tell you stories about how your house is going to come crumbling down if you don’t hire us. That is usually not going to be the case. We do however want to make sure that you understand the severity of the issue if there is one. If you want to work with a company that is fully professional and has people that you can trust you know who to call!

Our Services

There are actually different levels to the work that we do. That is because not every situation is going to require that we replace or add extra support to your pier and beam foundation for example. Sometimes we are just going to need to make sure that we keep your crawl space dry. On extreme occasions, though we may need to use complex hydraulic machines to actually lift and level your home. When it comes to foundation issues we can help you across the board.


Concrete Slab Repair

It is not uncommon to see some cracks forming in your concrete structures such as your driveway or patio. A lot of these are just normal signs of wear and tear. That does not mean that you should take them lightly. Small cracks and just overall natural wear and tear issues are things that we are going to be able to handle fairly easily by sealing them off. If you have a more extensive problem we may need to dig in and literally take out the concrete slab and put in a new one.

Pier & Beam Repair

These types of issues are ones that we are typically going to want to be quick to diagnose. It is easy for your crawl space or your entire home for that matter to kind of sink in on itslef when you have pier and beam issues. We get a lot of questions about which type of foundation we believe is the best. All of them work great for specific situations. Yet, pier and beam are usually the ones that are going to need the most care.

"I don’t want to scare anybody, but foundation issues are no joke. When you have these types of problems you want to work with a serious company. Heights Foundation Repair Experts fits the bill!" - Matt E.

House Raising

At times we are actually going to need to raise a house in order to put everything back on a level playing field if you will. The important thing with this service is to be able to read the signs that your house is giving you to know that you may need this service. If you start seeing cracks on interior walls and ceilings and if your floors seem to be sinking it could indicate that there is a problem. A lot of times the solution is to raise part of the home to even things out.

Drainage Repair

Does your local plumber have the equipment and the staff necessary to be able to handle these types of troubles? More often than not the answer is no. What tends to happen is that they are going to tell you that they can do it and they are going to ask us to do it for them. If you need to have a drain repaired or virtually any work done, that involves heavy digging you can cut out the middleman by giving us a call. That could save you some money in the proces

"I have actually never had foundation issues, but I have worked with Heights Foundation Repair Experts in repairing drains for me. They gave me some calm in the midst of the chaos that is why I recommend them!" - Kylie T.

Retaining Wall Repair

To be honest this one of the “saddest” services that we are going to have to provide. Especially when we are working with retaining walls that have been put up quite recently. The reason this is something that saddens us is that putting up the wall in the first place probably cost you a pretty penny. Now you are going to need some help to try and save a job that was meant to prevent what eventually ended up happening anyway. Having said this, we suggest that you give us a call when you start seeing signs of the wall breaking down

Commercial Foundation Repair

If foundation issues are a major problem even in small residencies you can imagine what it is like to have a building even if it just happens to be a couple of stories high with these problems. Depending on the type of building and obviously the type of foundation that we are talking about, we will be able to try and level or repair the original foundation. Once again the sooner you call the more options you are going to have as far as what you are going to be able to do!

House leveling is not for everyone I learned that the hard way. Luckily Heights Foundation Repair Experts we actually able to fix the problems that the other guys caused! - Tracy P.

Contact Us Today

We have already recommended that you give us a call or contact us on numerous occasions. We are just going to go ahead and do so one more time so that you don’t forget!